May 15, 2024

Attention Customers:

CenturyLink and Cascade Gas payments are changing their bill payment platform. Starting May 21, 2024 our current equipment and process will be retired. The same Western Union system that is used to wire and receive money will now be used for bill payments as well.

What is changing:

  1. Bill payments will be entered to the Western Union system and now it is required to have customer phone number included with other payment information:
  2. Sender name, Sender phone number, biller name, biller account number, and amount sent.
  3. The Quick Collect system does not accept checks so we will no longer be able to take them as a form of payment.
  4. Since payments are to be cash and not check we will discontinue using a drop box.

We look forward to serving your bill payer needs in the future and we hope this transition is smooth for us all!


Pick-Rite Thriftway Staff